H.i.v.e Dreadnought

what if being a supervillain is a job? would you like it or would you hate it? Well, Otto doesn’t have a choice.

The world’s most powerful league of villains have a problem, they have a traitor in their midst .the traitor has gone rogue and planning for Armageddon. meanwhile, Otto and a couple of other students from h.i.v.e are going on a trip to the Arctic for a survival activity, on the way there, they get captured by the traitor, will otto escape and stop the traitor, or will he fail and the world will end.

I think the book is a little too sci-fi for me because it is talking about humans communicating with machines through their mind, which is like a telepath, but with machines.apart from that, I love how everything else is really sci-fi too, and how they all have cool names for the items and their different equipment all have cool names

overall I think this is a great book for all people who love a good  sci-fi action novel.

by Daragh, G

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