The School for Good and Evil 2

The School for Good and Evil 2 By Soman Chainani

“Witches and princesses, warlocks and princes are no longer enemies. New bonds are forming, old bonds are being shattered. The world Sophie once knew has changed”

The school for good and evil is a fantasy novel. It includes two friends, One named Agatha and and one named Sophie. In the beginning, the event took place at a village where Agatha and Sophie were happily living together peacefully… but that was what Sophie thought, Agatha secretly she wanted something more than a friendship and she was not satisfied with her current lifestyle. She wanted a prince. Just when she had the thought, they were brought to the school of good and evil again! Except something was different. War started brewing and a dangerous enemy rises. Sophie battles to restore peace and tries to convince her friend realize that she didn’t need a prince, and their friendship was enough. Later on, they receive an unexpected threat, the enemy has started a trial and after ten days of preparing, there will be a fight between ten of the best girls and ten of the best boys. Sophie gets in a disguise and gets into the enemies property and tries to steal a pen that allows them to rewrite their story and get their happy ending again, just the two them with no one trying to break their friendship.


One character I like in this story is Agatha. Often in fairy tales and stories, the good people are often described as “smart” and “beautiful”.Agatha has never been called like that. When she entered the school of good, people were confused and thought that she went into the wrong school. They are only judging her by her appearances and they don’t know what kind of person she is. The fights and war in this story could relate in real life. Sometimes people just ask for the wrong things and end up regretting it while their mistakes cause them to hurt others. People always change their minds about things, and it happens to everyone.


      This story has many details and plot twists, I would rate it 5/5. I recommend to this story to people who enjoy long stories with a mix of fantasy and action, for middle school and elementary. This story lets you visualize everything that’s happening and the characters have their own different special personality.


By: Jacinta W.

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