The Nazi Hunters


“Resist, and we will shoot you,” Aharoni barked in German, not a single trace of inconfidence lurking in his eyes. “Am I clear?” The prisoner sat there silently like a rock. Cold, motionless, and emotionless. Eitan shoved their prisoner’s stony form deeper into the seat groove, and Malkin thrust a blanket over him, hiding whatever sign there was to hint that they were capturing a man. But all the tension that flowed through the air was worth breathing in, for after this man was erased from the world, one great, important punishment would be given. This man, Adolf Eichmann.

The Nazi Hunters is a nonfiction novel written by Neal Bascomb about a team of spies who embarked on a mission to capture the Nazi Adolf Eichmann. They start off slow and steady, rolling like an airplane on its tracks. And slowly, they rise up into the air, picking up speed and differing motions. Multiple people stick together as a team eager to work with each other and do what they must. They travel far from home, all over the face of the earth. And, with enough effort, there might even be an infinitesimal chance that they achieve their goal.

The main characters in this book are the three spies out through sweat, blood, and tears looking for Eichmann. They seem very dedicated to their work, which is an admirable quality. They also appeared heroic as they went on a risky mission. In all their efforts, the spies tried to hide Eichmann. This reminds me of when I was making a card for my mom and was trying to hide it from her, as the spies tried to hide him from the policemen. When she saw me, she thought I was making trouble, unlike the spies. The policemen didn’t catch them. All these events happened in the real world, as the book was nonfiction. It seemed very realistic and believable when the spies had to through many processes before putting their plan into action. The overall plot of this book reminds me of a movie where a man took time to get lots of evidence before drawing together a conclusion. They both show that big things take time to work on.

I really enjoyed this book. The AR level is 7.2, not too challenging or too easy, and high enough to read for class assignments. I highly advise you try reading it, especially if you’re ready to hear a nonfiction story that flows just as if it was made up. I found that it was unquestionably entertaining, and left me contemplating just how much the three spies went through on their hair-raising, blood-curdling journey.


By: Alison K.

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