The Land of Stories – An author’s Odyssey

The land of stories – An author’s Odyssey

By: Chris Colfer

“Start with the men, then the women, then the children!” the masked man ordered. “Your majesty, if you would please do the honors…”

The queen stepped on the edge of the balcony. With enlarged eyes and a devious grin, she looked down at the distressed royals like they were delicious snack.



The land of stories: An author’s odyssey is a fantasy and adventure book written by Chris Colfer. It is taking you on an adventure along with the two heroes in this book, Alex and Connor, who are twins that discovered a fascinating secret in their family…

Their adventure goes up and down, traveling through various stories. The two kids have only been traveling in other’s stories, they have always been wondering what it is like being in your own story.n The story takes place in all the imaginary lands a kid could ever think about! Such as a pirate ship, a cyborg world, and even pyramids!!! Meanwhile, their uncle Lloyd is recruiting a villain army that is trying to take over both the fairy tale and modern world! Will Connor and Alex be able to recruit another army to defeat them? Or will the whole modern world know about the secrets of the other dimension?

Next, I will be evaluating the character Connor in the book. I think Connor has many different personalities, one that I would definitely look up to is his confidence and how he never gives up. For example, when he heard that uncle Lloyd was recruiting an army to defeat the two worlds, he was shocked and also depressed. But he was the one to stand up again and thinking of a plan to defend themselves. Another character I would be evaluating is Alex, which is Connor’s twin sister. She also has very valuable personalities just like her brother, but the one I would be focusing on is her bravery. Most girls at her age just stay in school and be a “normal girl”, such as playing with friends and going shopping. But Alex is different! She is fearless! For example, when she heard that her brother is recruiting an army, she immediately joined in and volunteered to help and join the adventures. She is willing to fight and try her best in everything.

I would like to recommend this stunning book to anyone who would like to go along with the adventure and fantasy while reading the book. This book is perfect for 5-6 graders, it has some hard words inside to make it just right. I really enjoyed this book, so I would give it 4.5/5 stars.

By: Emily L.

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