The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial
By: Holly Black, Cassandra Clare

A 7th-grade leg-injured child who was forced to magic education for five years? Other than that he was to learn magic in a far creepy place and separated from his father? Terrible.

Callum hunt’s father, Alastair, was an Apprentice in the Magisterium but lost her wife in the Cold Massacre. Since then, he hated magic and often tells Callum Hunt about its destructive power. One day, the Magisterium’s Trainers and Mages started a Trial for magic children to go into the Magisterium. Hearing this news and knowing that Call has to go, he told Callum to fail the test even when hundreds of people will die to be an apprentice of Magisterium. Callum ended getting chosen by the greatest mage in the Magisterium, Master Rufus, even with his scores you can never imagine, including negatives, and went to the Magisterium. In the Magisterium, Call experienced a lot of creepy adventures along with his fellow friends or apprentices who were also chosen, Aaron and Tamara. And discovered the secret about everything he knew.

When I read this book, I felt that Callum’s personality is kind of like mine. I am usually the one who doesn’t know what to do and who fails miserably in instructions. Other apprentices to me are like the rest of the class who knows what they’re doing and who knows everything and doesn’t fail or do unexpected stuff.

I think that The Iron Trial is a great book and I recommend people who like magic, fantasy or anybody who also likes adventure stories to read this. When a friend first recommended me this, I thought it was just a normal book that is same as others. Once I read it, I realized it was awesome and I read it for 3 hours straight and was almost done, remember to check it out.

Sean L.

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