The Heir


The Heir

By: Kiera Cass

“By seven minutes I beat my brother Ahren into the world, so the world that ought to have been his was mine.”

The Queen in the Kingdom – which is now princess Eadlyn. What will happen to princess her that don’t want a husband, but became queen? Will princess Eadlyn be able to manage on her own? Will her parents persuade her to get a husband? Who will Eadlyn choose?

“The Heir”  is the fourth book of the Selection series. Princess Eadlyn got the throne of her country by borning 7 minutes earlier than her brother. Being a queen, sometimes a king by her side is important. Eadlyn’s parents realized that she needs a king, so they pulled up an election for her. However, Eadlyn doesn’t want a king, no matter how she protests, her parents won’t agree. One day, when Eadlyn went out for a parade for her, she got tomato and eggs all over her and realized that the people aren’t happy. As time passes, princes over the world come for the election, but Eadlyn doesn’t like any of them. She has to do something.

Eadlyn, I really like her, of how she controls the kingdom and her own ideas of how she can manage the kingdom herself without a king. I admire her bravery when she says she doesn’t need a king. I also appreciate Ahren, Eadlyn’s brother, who always talks to her, cheer for her, and encourage her when she is sad. He gives nice suggestions to Eadlyn too. When Eadlyn asked Ahren should she get a king, it reminds me of my cousin, whenever I feel sad, she always gives me some suggestions, I feel really grateful after all of that. I really appreciate that.

I really recommend this book to people who like a little bit of history and romance. I never tried this kind of genre before, in the past, those sounds kind of boring, but for this book, nope, it’s not! If you will ask me to rate this book, well 8/10 because when I first opened this book it took a long time for me to understand and continue this book. I pushed myself, but in ⅕ of the book, I find out this book interesting. So I just keep reading, I didn’t even realize that I am already in ⅘ of the book! This is kind of the 1st part of the selection, if you want to read the 2nd part, go read “The Crown”!


By: Bella H.

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