ready player one

By: Ernest Cline

Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried to dream about the future. I personally dreamed of the world of a burning, overpopulated, and dying world. Coincidentally Ready Player One has the exact same world, but except they have something better than what we have now. The Oasis.

Ready Player One is a science fiction novel about Wade Watts. He lives in a place called the stacks and spends most of his in the Oasis. The book talks about him trying to find Halliday’s Easter egg. Halliday’s Easter egg is easter egg Halliday created right before he died. If you were to find the easter egg, you will claim Halliday’s fortune. His company, two-hundred forty billion dollars, and best of all the oasis. The only issue is that Halliday hid 4 keys and three gates that would lead to the easter egg. And each one more difficult and has a clue to find the next gate or key. Another biggest problem is that it’s a competition. Meaning billions of people are competing with you to find the egg. But even worse, in the middle of the competition, Wade gets distracted by a gamer called Art3mis. And after she wanted to “take a break” from him, he’s devastated and doesn’t try to find the egg for a while. In addition to the all these problems, there’s an entire part of a company called IOI that’s dedicated to trying to find the easter egg. They would do anything to get the easter egg, like killing people and hacking the oasis. Being the cheaters IOI are, they cheated their way through most of the game and already tried to kill Wade once. Will Wade find the key before IOI does, or will he die trying?

I personally think that Wade is brave when he’s determined, but otherwise, he’s always agitated. He reminds me of my friend. Sometimes when my friend is mad he does a lot of stuff he wouldn’t normally do and like Wade, he’s otherwise (no offense) kinda like a wimp.

I would rate this book probably 8/10. I would mostly recommend this book to people at the age of 13-15 and also doesn’t go psycho when they see a smidge of romance. I wouldn’t say this is the type of book to be read by kids who still like fantasy. But if you were to read the book, there is going to be some swearing inside. But anyone above that age will also probably enjoy it.

By: Michael T.

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