Keeper of the Lost Cities- NightFall


By: Shannon Messenger

“You remember me?” The question slipped from Sophie’s lips before she could stop it, and the weighted words seemed to hit the floor of the messy bedroom with a thud. The wide-eyed, trembling girl standing in front of her slowly nodded, and Sophie’s heart swelled even as it plummeted into the sour pit of her stomach.

Her little sister Shouldn’t remember her.

Nightfall by Shannon Messenger is a fiction novel. In this book, Sophie Foster found out that her human parent had been kidnapped by Neverseen, only her human sister survived. Now Sophie had to bring her sister back to the Elvin World and try to find her parent before… you know, get killed. This time, Sophie and her friends are up to a mission to find her parent and to stop the Neverseen from taking the people who she loves away from her again. But this time, it would be harder than Sophie had experienced before. A prisoner, that the councilors have to wipe out from their minds, was free. Now, she has to find out who the prisoner is and to fight the Neverseen and get her parent back. Or this will all be an end. In the sixth book of The Keeper of the Lost Cities, Sophie had to face more danger and mysteries. And of course, bringing her friends into danger again. Will Sophie survived it? Will the Black Swan help out? Is it true that Lady Gisela is on their side? Where is her parent? You will find out in this book.

I think Sophie is a really brave and kind girl. She always thinks of others before herself. Even though her parent really wasn’t her “parent”, she still risks her life to save them. This reminds me of a book I read called The Maze Runner. The main character, Thomas, was a loyal friend, he’s willing to sacrifice everything, even his own life, to save his friends. Just like Sophie, she is willing to save others even though it might include getting herself killed. But because they are loyal, their friends were loyal to them too. Like when Sophie was in danger, her friends came and rescued her. Just like Thomas, when he was stung by the grievers, (if you have read the book, a griever is a monster that eats people or stung people. If you get stung, you might die.) his friend rescued him and he survived.

This book is a really intense book, the sixth book of The Keeper Of The Lost Cities series. I really love this series so I rate is 5 out of 5 again. It contains humor, mystery, fiction, … I really enjoy it, so I hope you all do! I recommended this book to upper elementary and middle school. But if you understand the text, from young to old, all could read it. But I still recommended age closer to 10- 15 because children have more imagination, you know.  LOL. What are we waiting for? Let’s go check it out!


By: Celine K.

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