Lodestar Keeper of the Lost Cities: Book 5

By: Shannon Messenger

I’m going to steal the cachets from Fintan, find out who was the one to hurt our friend and get out of the Neverseen on the night Fintan goes on trial. Hopefully, in the cachets I steal, it will give us some kind of information about the Lodestar Initiative.

But, what if we’re wrong? What if the Black Swan is the one doing all these things. Keefe, we don’t even know who the “good” and “bad” guys are. But… I guess it would be helpful if we get Fintan’s cachets. At least for now, we know that the Black Swan are helping us.  By the way, what is the Lodestar Initiative? Wait. Do you mean… The Neverseen’s version of Project Moonlark??

This book is a fiction and fantasy genre book. In this book, Keefe has chosen to join the Neverseen which is Sophie and her friend’s (the Black Swan) “enemy.” Now Sophie is confused. Everyone tells Sophie not to talk to Keefe or have any contact with him. But, deep inside, Sophie knows that the only reason Keefe went is to help the Black Swan and her friends. So, Sophie has been secretly using her power of telepathy to connect to Keefe and was able to talk to him. Turns out that he is in some trouble. He is in the lowest class of the gang. He was basically a servant to Fintan and the Neverseen. He told Sophie that she and her friends are in trouble. The Neverseen has been negotiating with the goblin king. She was warned that their next target is to target her most loved one; her parents from Earth. The only way to prevent this is to know the key or password to the Neverseen’s copy of Project Moonlark ( Sophie is the Black swan project moonlark) which is the Lodestar symbol. None of her friends know anything about it. Not even her teacher who studies Stars. Only if she knew how to translate it. The clues that the Neverseen found and hid leads to the Black Swan ‘s darkest secret. If they have it, they may be able to control her. Sophie.

I think in this book, the author uses a very interesting way of showing different sides of personalities or sides of people using Keefe. At first, people thought of Keefe as a really loyal friend to them. He’d often tease them and have fun together. They were really close. Almost every weekend, they would get together and play, chat, and discuss. But, when you see people who loses something that they love, they will change a lot. Just like Keefe. He found out that his mom was actually a member of the group ( Neverseen) they were constantly fighting. So he decided to go to the Neverseen to help his friends. His heart has turned completely cold about his family. He claims to have absolutely no connection with them. Just like a character in the book, his name is Fitz. He is also a member of the Black Swan and is also Keefe and Sophie’s best friend His brother has also joined the neverseen and was part of the plan on hurting Sophie. He was actually the one who was hurting Sophie. Just like Keefe, his heart has turned cold on his brother. Now, whenever he hears something about his brother, he just ignores it. His heart too has turned completely cold about his brother.

I would recommend this book to 5th graders and up because I feel like if you don’t get a lot of the technical terms or understand the content it would be kind of kind of boring and complicated. Also, I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure, sometimes even a little mystery.

By: Claire R.

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