H.I.V.E – Deadlock


“”You sound just like Overlord,” Otto growled. Well, You know what they say, Malpense,” Zero hissed, bringing his face within centimeters of Otto’s. “Like father like son. Now get up!” Otto got to his feet, feeling the same sense of powerless rage that he had experienced when he had been under the control of the Animus, forced to watch while something else took control of his body. “Point the gun at her forehead,” Zero said and Otto involuntarily leveled the weapon at Laura. Tears were rolling down her face. “You know, I still have one thing that you will never have,” Otto said through gritted teeth. “Oh, really,” Zero replied, “and what exactly is that?” “Friends.””

How would you react if someone told you they had one of your closest friends hostage, and that they would terminate your friend if you even made the slightest move to fight back? This is exactly what happened to Otto Malpense, star pupil at the Higher Institute of Villainous Education. Encounters with Anastasia Furan were not pretty in the past, and It’s only going to get worse.


Expelled from H.I.V.E, Otto Malpense is now free and hunting down Anastasia Furan, utterly malevolent leader of the evil artificial intelligence Overlord’s followers, the Disciples. Anastasia has captured one of Otto’s closest friends, Laura and also a bunch of his other classmates. Otto and his allies are desperate to rescue their friends from Anastasia’s clutches, but first, they must find the secret location of the Glasshouse, where she is turning the captives into ruthless killing machines. Yet with all the problems on hand, he is also being hunted. Three months away from H.I.V.E has given the Artemis section- an elite division that specializes in capturing the toughest targets- a chance to pinpoint him. He is chased from the canals of Venice, all the way to the wastelands of Antarctica. Otto and Raven infiltrate other facilities with the necessary information need to find the location and they set off on a breathtaking expedition to get rid of Anastasia Furan once and for all.


Not knowing whether Laura and the other Alphas are alive greatly agitates Otto, and I can see that he is in a big hurry to find them. I can tell through Otto’s determined personality that he will go through anything to return the others back to H.I.V.E safely. This reminds me of another book of this series, Rouge, where Otto has been turned against his allies by the enemy, and his best friend Wing will do anything to get him back, including killing his own father. He is also a very caring character in my eyes, always dragging everybody with him, no matter how it takes. This reminds me of another book in this series, Zero Hour, where Raven has been turned against them and Doctor Nero knocked her unconscious. Otto still cared for her and stopped Nero from killing her then and there. Performing a daring mission to infiltrate the enemies’ facility, Otto and his allies managed to stop the substance controlling Raven and brought her back.


I really liked this book and would rate it a whopping 10/10. This book is recommended to people who love reading Science Fiction and people who won’t go berserk over a little be of… kissy stuff. I like this book because the ending provided a mysterious cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next book! I would recommend this book to mostly boys, but girls, if you are the adventurous type, why not? Anyways, I better be off. See you next time!!!


By: Aaron L.

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