Guys Read (Thriller)

Edited by: Jon Scieszka

Spirits roaming around you, demons impelling your soul with their claws of evil and death. As they pass you a chill runs down your spine slowly giving you a sting. In this book of fear and wonder, it will spit at you fear each time, increasing the level of excitement. There’s a saying two heads are better than one but have you heard that twelve heads are better than one. In this collection of blood rushing adrenaline, twelve authors put together the scariest collection there is. When I was reading this book in my room I started feeling paranoid about the things around me my bed, my door, and even my parents. It seems stupid but if you read this book you might have the same experience.


Throughout the book, there is a lot of things going on. From spirits to monsters there is a wide variety of range in the categories they write about. In one story it talked about how a boy was in a haunted house and something happened to the boy if you want to find out you have to read the book. There is a lot of possibilities how people may see this book because every story they have, they have some connection. The connection may not be big but everyone has a different view of the world.


   In this book, there are a lot of characters and creatures that show character and how they react to certain things. I like a character out of this spooky collection, his name is Paul. He shows up in the first story. He is brave and courageous because he not just entered a haunted house he was intrigued and was desperate to find treasure. In a way, Paul is like me in a sense. For example, my cousin pressured me to ride this really tall free fall drop called supreme scream. I rode it but then I was going to ride again but my mom told me not too. Like Paul, I did something out of my comfort zone, and in this story, Paul goes on and finds that he can talk to ghosts. At first, I really didn’t want to ride it but then I realized that I had it in me. Just like how Paul realized that he had supernatural powers.


I honestly feel this book is intriguing the more you read it. This book is for people who just like a little fright and to really visualize what is happening in the story. This book, unlike other books, is a collection. Which means that it might be a good book because if you don’t like the style of writing you can just simply skip to another story in the collection. This book is for people that like scary stories like the ones you can read at night sitting next to a campfire with your friends and family.


By: Ethan H.

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