By: Marissa Meyer

Have you ever thought of living with a broken arm? How about a mechanical leg? Just thinking of having powers that normal people couldn’t have, but the consequence is having others to hate you. Would you like that? Having to do that was the way that Cinder lived, and probably the one and only way.

Cinder is a cyborg girl, which means her body had been surgically repaired with some metals, mechanics… Cinder has a stepmother and stepsisters, which is pretty similar to Cinderella, so the setting might be somehow familiar to you. One day, Prince Kai, who every girl wants and wish to have, went and visited Cinder to fix his android, and good enough, Cinder was able to hide the fact that she’s a cyborg. The whole problem starts when Cinder and her only friend Peony, a.k.a her second stepsister, went to a party. While they’re in the backyard, Peony got a fatal disease, Letumosis. Cinder’s stepmother thought Cinder spread the disease to Peony, so she got very displeased and cross at Cinder. All because of the stress and anger, Cinder’s stepmother signed up for the Letumosis disease testing, where everyone who volunteered to test dies. Cinder knows she’s going to die, but little did she knows, she didn’t, and she even figured out a fact that could help Prince Kai from stress and suffering. Prince Kai’s father is also suffering from the disease Letumosis, on the other hand, Prince Kai also tried to avoid the marriage with Queen Lunar who has another purpose than just the marriage.

Everyone has been through hard times in their life, just like Cinder, me, and you. I had always been different than the real me at my old school because no one likes the way that you’re different than others. They always think that you need to be the same as everyone else, which makes me felt bitter, sad, and sometimes mad. Cinder for example also lives in that kind of environment. Even though she has “super” powers, which is the power beyond what normal humans can do, but no one exactly likes her, until the one came… Just like me, living my life like everyone else is, she didn’t want others to see her mechanic “body”, but she just lives her life like that, unlike me, I tried to change myself because of others opinion.
This book is more of a scientific fiction book, so I recommend to anyone that is interested in scientific books and like a mechanic book. For me, this book is also slightly like a mystery genre book, so I think if you like to solve a small “mystery case”, you might really enjoy this book. This book is really interesting and has top ratings on many websites such as Goodreads…

By: Rachel H.

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