Catching Fire


Catching fire

By: Suzanne Collins

         After coming back from a life-scarring, bloody, scary, experience that only a few unlucky ones have to endure, Katniss starts the most dangerous challenge of all, hanging around the district in luxury.

         In this book, you get to follow the magical journey with Katniss and Peeta, except it’s not very magical. After angering the capital, Katniss has to still put up an act just to survive and a twist of events makes things even worse. Not only does Katniss have to avoid the threat of the capital, she is put in an ethical dilemma. Whether she should keep acting to love Peeta and anger her best friend Gale? Or should she forget about Peeta but endanger him at the same time. She has to choose quickly all while the districts are rebelling and the entire place is falling into shambles.

         Katniss is very stubborn and she does what she wants and defies the capital time and time again. However when she is forced to do what the capital says then there are some problems. She is a heroic character and is incredibly skilled with a bow and arrow. She does not know who to please or rather to please anyone. She wants to protect everyone but the capital makes it very difficult!

         I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Adventure books. Obviously read the first book, The Hunger Games so you can fully understand whats going on. This you should definitely read this book!

By: Hayden B.   

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