Half Upon a Time

Half Upon a Time

By: James Riley


PHEWWWWWWW…. A person falls out of the sky, lands on the ground with a thud right in front of Jack and his uncle. “What is that?” asked Jack. Seeing the girl makes him think about a princess since she’s wearing a shirt saying ‘Punk Princess’. “Looks like you got a princess,” said Jack’s uncle. What Jack doesn’t know is that this Princess girl is going to get him into a lot of trouble. Even more trouble than you think. And one of them includes fighting the scariest Witch of all, Melovelant.


Teenage Jack never thought about rescuing a Princess, fighting dragons, or any other things swag warriors would do. Oddly, all of that happened to him. Jack set out on an adventure with the girl who fell out of the sky. The girl, May, denies royalty even though she’s wearing a shirt that has two words on it, ‘Punk Princess’. They set out on the adventure to find May’s grandmother. Followed by Huntsman hunting Jack and May down, Genie’s fighting them, and climbing a beanstalk, all Jack can think about is that the Wicked Queen caused all of this to happen and May’s grandmother just might be the long-lost Snow White. Combined with Jack and May’s humor, this hilarious novel just changed the Classic fairy-tales into an epic series that no one will regret reading


Jack is a very determined person. He always finishes what he starts, just like one of my friends. I have a friend who never gives up when he starts something. Once, he started  a game which was designed to be very frustrating. It’s meant to be a rage-quitting game. What I mean by a rage-quitting game is that the game will make you so furious that you will destroy your phone against the wall. So anyways, that friend of mine didn’t rage quit. He kept on doing what he started just like Jack. Jack could have quit easily when he met danger on the way, but he didn’t give up. He kept on trying to help May find her grandmother. Another thing that I connected with is that some animals in the novel could talk. Well, I read a lot of fairy tales, but I never saw any animal talk in real life. Once, I was playing with my hamster(R.I.P), he suddenly made a noise. More like a screech. The sound sounded like the hamster was saying ‘SEE’? was very funny. Just like the animals talking in the the novel.


I would recommend this book to people who like both adventure and fantasy. I really love this book because it turned regular fairy tales and Grimms’ fairy tales into an epic novel. When it talked about a character, I couldn’t help but think of which fairy tale the character is from. I would also recommend people who like stories that have unexpected endings. I would also recommend that this book is for six to twelve year old students to read. By then, you would already have ready basically all the fairy tales. I rate this book ten out of ten stars. Things can be quite unexpected in this book. You got my warnings.

By: Ryan T.

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