Stanley Yelnats gets sent to camp green lake for something he never done, his family had a curse that has always made them unlucky. Camp green lake is a place where the bad kids go to for their punishment. Every morning they are required to dig a 5 foot wide 5 foot deep hole, but no one knows why. If they find something, they will be able to show the warden and get a day off, that doesn’t happen very often.Stanley, -the new person sent to camp green lake- was digging his hole he found a shotgun shell with an initial on it.Which stands for Kate Barlow.

Stanley, the main character, was bullied at school because he was overweight, and had the worst of luck. He had a difficult time at both the school and lake. He was sent to camp green lake for a crime he did not commit. He tries to get along with everyone at camp green lake and avoids trouble, but that’s not very easy.

The area that “Holes” mostly took place in camp green lake, a place where people are sent for punishment. The lake used to be a town, but now it’s a detention camp. The camp is run by the family that owned the town. There once was a lake at Camp Green Lake but that lake dried up long ago. At this, people are put to work digging a 5 foot deep by 5 feet in diameter hole. The Warden claims that it will help them build character but that wasn’t the actual reason.


Holes is a story told in the third-person point of view. That means that the voice telling the story sees everything and knows everyone’s actions. It’s as if they are watching and narrating everything from above. This viewpoint is helpful because we can see all the action of the boys, the Warden, and the camp counselors. Neither Stanley nor Hector is telling the story through their own viewpoint.

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