The school for Good and Evil

By: Soman Chainani

Here’s a story that I love, and I think you will love too. It’s about 2 girls, Sophie and Agatha, one good one evil. Experiencing love, hurt feelings, and loneliness. Sophie with her good deeds and glass slippers is sure she will be in the school for Good, and Agatha with her black clumps and mean cat, seems a natural fit for the school for evil.

In this book, you will see what, Sophie and Agatha’s true personality is like, and how they are extremely different on the inside and on their outsides too. This book is a fantasy, with trolls, ogres, dwarves, gargoyles that talk, and elves. At the school for good and evil, the teachers make sure that the students follow the right rules until two special students come and ruin everything. Sophie and Agatha try to change schools, but to Sophie’s surprise, Agatha won’t switch. Tedros is falling for Sophie for her looks, but later falls for Agatha, which girl does he choose? Does he follow the rules and stay with good, or don’t follow the rules and fall for Evil. What does Sophie turn into? The answer is what she truly is. Sophie goes through many changes, and so does Agatha, which one you think is good may be evil, and the one you think is evil, may be good. With glowing fingers, and powers beyond your control, will Agatha still be friends with Sophie when it’s done? Well, the answer is one kiss will “seal” their story that has just begun. Will they come back to the school again? Or will they stay where they were “meant” to be?

I think that what is on the inside is what matters, what you look like on the outside doesn’t matter. As long as you’re “good looking” on the inside then your outside appearance doesn’t matter. I think Sophie and Agatha’s story relates to myself, because like them, I had a best friend, lost her, and now don’t know if she is my best friend anymore. But also like them, I have found new friends at the moment, waiting to see if my old best friend is still my best friend.

I think that this book is good for any age, especially if you like adventure, fantasy, and a little bit of romance. I think that this book is amazing, I loved it and it is in my top 5 favourite book series. I hope you enjoy it too.

By: Meg G.

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