The Iron Trial

By: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Kids would give anything to pass this test and have a chance at getting into this school. They train and train and hope to impress the trainers. You would try your best to win right? Well, not Callum Hunt. He wants to lose.

In this fantasy book, Callum Hunt is just a normal 7th grader but he has a leg injury so he cannot run properly. All his life he didn’t have a mother and Call’s dad has always warned him about the destructive nature of magic. When they find out that Call is a magic user than his dad is very sorry for him but Call is secretly happy. Because Call is a magic wielder, he has to take the iron trial to see if he will make it into the magisterium. His task is to fail all of the tests so he won’t be accepted into the school. However, Call fails at failing and is not only accepted into the school the most famous and powerful teacher, Mr. Rufus, chooses to teach him even with his terrible test scores. He has to go through challenges and discover the truth about his mother and why his dad hates magic so much, all while doing tests and being shamed for being in the magisterium.

Call is a very stereotypical character. He’s a teenager who is kind of sarcastic and a jokester, but can be serious if the times calls for it. He isn’t very smart so he has a couple friends, Aaron and Tamara, who are smart enough to help him. For example, Call reminds me of my friend because he is always making jokes. They both thinking of puns or sarcastic remarks. Their friends get kinda mad at them but it’s still fine most of the time. Only my friend isn’t even serious unless he’s mad. Actually, my friend actually recommended this book to me.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure novel. It’s a classic fantasy book and not too hard to read. Even though I thought it was only OK, you might enjoy it. Heck, this book might even make you say, “WHAT THE BEJEEBEZ!!!”

Review by: Hayden Brandt

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