The Giver

The Giver

By: Lois Lowry

In the first few chapters of this book, a boy named Jonas thinks his life is perfect and nothing could go wrong. All the choices are made by other people (The elders), and he feels that all of their decisions are right. The world he lives in has rules, for example when you turn nine you get your bicycle, or when you break the law three times, you get a chastisement. See the world he lives in, the people there get no choices, no freedom, and is extremely cruel in a way because they don’t get to know what is out there. The way how the community treats their citizens are like puppets on a string. When Jonas turned twelve, he by chance got chosen as the receiver an extremely and extraordinary job. A receiver’s position is to bear the burden of all the bad and good memories of the world. Jonas has to deal with pain sadness, loneliness, and in the midst of the deepest of memories, love. You might be wondering how he receives the minds of the world well, of course, there is a reason why this book is called The Giver. The reason is during Jonas’s time in training his mentor is giving him memories. Jonas didn’t know what to call his mentor, so he said to call him the Giver. The author uses twists and turns to make you feel one way then bam you feel another way. Will Jonas… “Wait, there is a note from Ethan, the writer of this book blog. After you read this drop everything, you are holding and buy and read The Giver now CLICK THIS. Sorry to interrupt, back to the blog.” Will Jonas be overwhelmed by the pressure of the memories of the world or will he succeed and fulfill the duties as a receiver?
In the book, Jonas is very brave because he could withstand the burden of all the memories in the world he needs to have a strong character to do what the Giver wants him to do. The book talks about how you can’t choose who you want to marry. That reminds me of in India at a young age you need to get married to a person, but your parents choose for you. I feel like that that is wrong, and everybody should have freedom, but as the parents, the community elders are like the people who control the world Jonas lives in. To them, liberty is not essential.
I recommend this book to people who have an interest in challenging texts. Just because I said, challenging doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it. This book is for people who like twists and turns. This book could be for just pleasure or an assignment, but either way, this book has a show for itself. I promise you if you read it you will not regret this book filled with relatable information to the world and even to yourself. The genre of this book goes from young adult fiction to science fiction to dystopia and utopian topics. The wide variety of possibility that could happen I the book have too many to count.
By: Ethan H.

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