The Giver

The Giver
By: Lois Lowry

“But suddenly, Jonas had noticed, following the path of the apple through the air with his eyes, that the piece of fruit had–well, this was the part that he couldn’t adequately understand–the apple had changed. Just for an instant.”

Have you ever wondered what “color” meant, and what “red” happened to be? We live in the world where we see amazing colors and we feel lots of emotions. In this dystopian fiction novel, Jonas never knew what that meant until his unexpected experiences. Jonas lived in a society where everything is assigned to you. When he was just a baby, he was “assigned” to parents. As he grew older, there would be ceremonies where everyone in the community had to gather and get new things. When the Ceremony of Twelve comes, he would be assigned a job. Although all his friends seem to have a talent for things, he didn’t know what he was especially good at. At last, when the Ceremony finally came, he got a job that he had never heard of before–The Receiver. Does this job has to do with anything he saw from the apple? He never had memories of things before. The teacher that helped him with the job opened up a whole new universe to him. In other words, Jonas has to face the real side of the world, not just his happy, everything-is-assigned-to-you community. Will it be a challenge for Jonas to assimilate all of the memories?

From my perspective, I think that Jonas is a caring and great person. For example, he helped the people at the House of the Old and even played catch-and-throw with Asher to improve his friend’s motions. Another time was when his dad took in Gabriel, Jonas asked to let Gabriel sleep in his room so that they could have a good night sleep. I can relate with Jonas when he was he was going to be assigned his job. Along with his same aged kids, they stood on stage where they would wait for their turn. This made Jonas very nervous, and when he didn’t get called at first, he was in shock. It turned out that he had a special job. This reminds me when I was in my old school. Every year, we would stand on stage as awards were passed out. In 5th grade, we did the routine, and when it was supposed to be my turn, they skipped me! I felt so embarrassed! I just wanted to disappear. It turned out that I got an award that was really special. 🙂

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian fiction books, and Newbery Award books. I would rate this book as a 10/10 because this book has a whole different universe. Read the book to find out what I mean! :3

By: Amy T.

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