The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly

By:  Victoria Forester

Have you ever wonder if you have special super powers? Have you ever thought of having it? But out of all, most importantly, have you thought of what will happen to you and everyone around you if you DO have that power? That’s one of the reasons why Piper McCloud was into this terrible situation.

The Girl Who Could Fly is a fiction fantasy book. It’s about some people and animals having special superpowers. Even though there are some people on earth who have those special abilities such as their body react like magnets and producing electro waves to come back alive after few seconds of death, but have you seen a person flying before? Like actually flying without anything helping, but just your body. Piper McCloud is that girl, who could fly anywhere she wants. It was all discovered when Piper was a baby that’s as simple and normal as it could be, waiting to change the diapers. As her mom went and grab her diapers, she started floating around without any control. It kept on going few weeks until her parents decided to visit a doctor, but it didn’t help at all. Her parents won’t let her out to play with the others same age as her. With all those lonely days without friends, but animals on the farm, she started to train herself to fly. Everything started terribly, it didn’t work, Piper even got bruises, but as she continued to practice and practice, again and again, she finally made it. But that causes no friends. No one wanted to be friends with her. The real story started, when someone knocked on the door, asking to train Piper to fly. Asking, to let Piper to go with them, to this place called I.N.S.A.N.E., but it wasn’t what everyone thought it was, it was worst.

After Piper showed everyone her “skills” for flying, almost everyone excluded her, just because she’s different from others. Once, I have a chance to travel to New Zealand to go and learn at their school for a month, but it wasn’t really good at the beginning. I remember when I first step into the classroom, everyone was inviting me to sit with them, but later on, some started talking about people from China are really weird, and have really bad manners. After I explain to them that I’m from Taiwan, some of them started including me, but still, others just continued to exclude me. Until I prove to them that I’m a really good friend, and I’m really nice. Just like Piper, during that time when they exclude me, I felt lonely and sad, although I still have some friends, but having someone excluding you, somehow, will still let you felt down.

I recommend this book to someone that really like magic and superpowers. In this book, it talks a lot about special powers. I also recommend this book to people who like fantasy and made up things. I rate this book 9 ½ because I really like fantasy kinds of books, and plus, I can connect lots of things through this book.



By: Rachel H

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