The Candymakers

               Imagine living in a candy factory, you can eat all the candies you want! It could be taffy, gum,or chocolate. In this story, four contestants with different personalities, gather together for the candy making competition. One night, when one of the competitors decides to do go to the chocolate fountain alone. something unusual happens which leads to a big secret.

            The genre of this book is mystery, the story started off getting to know the characters and then everyone starts getting competitive and trying to hide information.

       The competitors are very unlike each other. There was Logan, the candy maker’s son. He knew the entire factory by heart and respected all the staff. There was Philip, a bit of a pessimistic and didn’t want to participate in the tour and other activities.There was Daisy, the bright girl that’s always full of energy and eager to try new things. Last but not least, there was Miles,When he entered the contest he was a bit distant at first but later on he became friends with Logan.

       The story took place in a candy factory. A busy place that’s full of color and joy. It had farms, gardens, and workshops and many workers. Something different about this book, is that sometimes, the point of view changes, it doesn’t always just sticks to one character. It changes perspectives so that you can experience and know what each character thinking and doing.

        Logan thought that they all joined to create a type of candy, to try their best to win. There was more to that, it turns out that the reason they entered the competition was not completely about trying to invent a new candy.Logan was starting to suspect them when he saw someone near the secret ingredient.

           The main character was Logan,the 12-year old-son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard. He is one of four contestants selected to participate in the Confectionary Association’s annual new candy contest. Logan’s parents are candymakers. As owners and operators of the Life is Sweet Candy factory, Logan has grown up around candy, and aspires to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps not only be becoming a candymaker himself, but by winning the contest as they did. Logan has never been very good at making candy, but he hopes that winning the contest will prove his worth.


            I would recommend this book to anyone who is often curious and interested. Someone who likes mystery, taking steps to solving the problem of the story. Some parts of the vocabulary are hard, but it is still easy to understand the story and what the text is saying.


By: Jacinta W.

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