Science Fair


Science Fair

By: Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson


Have you ever heard of a person using 4 spoiled kids to take over the world with highly classified Scientific objects without them noticing it? Well, if not, I’m with you, not after I read this book.

Toby Harbinger, a normal kid at Hubble Middle school, wanted to buy a new computer for gaming. He sold the blaster with the real Harrison Ford-signed BlasTech DL 44 blaster on eBay to two lunatics who wears star wars costumes all day. They stated that the signature’s counterfeit and they want a refund. The total refund is 2000 dollars. The only way Toby can get the money without his parents noticing that he sold the blaster is the Science Fair. The grand prize for this year is 5000 dollars and with the ME(Minor estate) kids in the Science Fair with their high tech project, there’s a slim chance that Toby can win. (Somewhere in Krphshtskan, Grdankl the Strong, president of Krpshtskan, is plotting to take over the American government. His plan is to use the ME kids at the Science fair, knowing that their parents will get anything for them). Over the years Neil Sternabite has been building the project for the ME kids and this year, he noticed something wrong with the projects. Not only the government classified materials,  he noticed that if all 4 projects get together, something very bad is going to happen to Hubble Middle school. Not on Hubble middle school, but the whole USA. So Sternabite starts to contacted Toby because Sternabite knows he’s the only person who can save the world. The problem is that can Toby and Sternabite saves the world before it’s too late?

This book reminded me of my friend, Sean. It’s because he loves Science and this book is packed with a whole lot of Scientific terms. Sean always talks about Science and how much he loves it. And also, Toby also lets me think about Sean. Toby cares for his friends and family first before blurting in his ideas. He’s really respectful and respects his friends. Then there’s Tamara, Toby’s oldest friend(only bigger than him for about 6 months). She reminds me of my brother because she’s like a big sister who cares about his younger brothers. She always reminds Toby about his actions and what might happen just like my brother. Once, I was about to take a cookie from my mom in secret. My brother reminded me of the consequences if I get caught. That made me hesitate and put the cookie back.

Overall, I think this is a very good book. In this novel, I have a feeling of excitement, nervousness, and want to keep turning the page throughout the whole book. I strongly recommend this book to people who love Science and from ages nine to thirteen. They also need to like Science terms and experiments! This Science packed novel will be a REAL page-turner.

By: Ryan T

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