Pugs of the Frozen North

Pugs of the Frozen North

By: Philip Reeve

Yip Yip Yip Yip! Zooming through the cold ice across the sea, the 66 pugs pulled a giant sled and two children to the north pole to fulfill the two children’s wish.

Pugs of the Frozen North By Philip Reeve is a fiction book, but it might be real, filled with little pugs with only one word in their mouth. It’s a book about the adventure of 66 pugs. While the ship “Lucky Star” was sailing on the ocean. The true winter suddenly came instantly, freezing the entire blue mass of  Earth and crushing the ship. The only thing Shen, Bo, Mungbean and Captain Jeggings could do is abandon ship, if they didn’t, the ice might melt as fast as it came and sink the ship which now has holes all over it. While riding the snowmobile, Shen went to pick up the 66 pugs but captain jeggings thought that it wasn’t waiting for. Shen and the doggies later found a girl called Sika who had dog food and wanted dogs for her sled for the race to the snow father for a wish. What will happen in the adventure to the Snow Father?

I chose this book while walking around the library, seeing the word pugs got me interest, it’s what I’ve been trying to find, a fiction book. Although it’s only 200 pages and with pictures in them, it’s reading level is 5.4 somehow. When I see pugs in real life, they’re really ugly but in books, the author draws it so that it looks more fun. The setting and what happened in this story at first made me remember a movie called “ice age”. They both have similar settings, filled with ice, and there are also animals in both stories.

I would recommend people who like dogs or cute things or people who want some fiction book to relax yourself to read this book. Once you read it, you’ll read to the end without noticing. I hope you are now at the library finding this book and checking out, it’s a very good book.

By: Sean L.

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