Mission to the Moon: The Mystery of Entity 303 Book 3

Mission to the Moon: A Gameknight999 Adventure

By: Mark Cheverton

“As they watched, zombies in glowing armour, complete with space helmets and oxygen tanks, moved into the light, followed by spiders and skeletons, their eyes all glaring at the intruders. “We have no way out.” Digger backed away from the sounds until his back bumped against the cobblestone obstacle. Turning, he hacked frantically at the cobblestone wall, but found only layer after layer of stone. “I won’t let a bunch of monsters slow us down.” Gameknight turned to Digger. “Get to work on this wall. We need a way through as quickly as possible.” “What are you going to do?” Crafter asked. “The only thing I am good for,” Gameknight replied. He tossed his shield to Empech, then drew his iron sword. Turning, the User-that-is-not-a-user faced the approaching mob, then charged, yelling with all his might, “FOR MINECRAFT!”

Entity 303, a former programmer that has been fired from the Minecraft programming team, has downloaded a bunch of dangerous and bizarre mods into the game and was able to escape from the floating Islands of Mystcraft into outer space within a giant rocket. Gameknight999 knows that Weaver, Crafter’s great-great Grandfather, has to be sent back into the past, so the timeline could be repaired. With Weaver snatched out of his own timeline by Entity 303, Minecraft has slowly been breaking down, and Gameknight and his friends have to find that time-traveling portal but there is one problem. Only Entity knows the location of the portal, and that is why Gameknight999 and his friends are chasing him, all the way to the edges of the universe, where Entity 303 plans to have the destruction of Minecraft begin. With no choice left, Gameknight and his friends follow Entity 303 deeper into space, with each planet more strange and bizarre than the last. Unexpected surprises, dangerous new planets, even enchanted diamond swords won’t do the trick this time.

Gameknight is troubled by the fact that the fate of the Minecraft universe lies in his hands, from the Overworld to the Moon, also all the way to the planets Diona and Fronos. This reminds me of another book in this series, and how In the first three books the Overworld was in peril. Back then, Gameknight was fearful and kept thinking that he couldn’t do it. He has become braver and braver until now, replacing doubt with hope. He is also courageous in my eyes, telling his friends to stay back while taking on enemies much bigger and stronger than himself. I can also connect this to some movies, like Armageddon, where an asteroid is going to hit the earth, and N.A.S.A sends a team to blow it up. Just like this book, the fate of earth lies in their hands.

I really liked this book and gave it a 9½ out of 10. I would recommend this book to people who like to read fiction or play the game Minecraft, and also to people who are eager to try new genres. (If you don’t read this type already) I think it is more suitable for boys, because it is all about war and Minecraft, and what caught me the most was the hanging question of what would happen to Entity 303. Anyways, good luck readers, and see you next time!!!


By: Aaron L.

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