Michael Vey- Hunt for the Jade Dragon

Michael Vey and the Hunt for the Jade Dragon

By: Richard Paul Evans

Savants. The smartest kinds of people on planet Earth are now revealed. It’s about to get worse if the Electroclan doesn’t stop the evil Elgen Cooperation.

Michael Vey is the main character’s name, followed by Taylor Ridley(Michael’s Girlfriend) and the rest of the Electroclan. The Electroclan are a group of electric children that are fighting the Elgen Cooperation. Recently, the Elgen had just captured a savant in Taiwan. A 9-year-old girl is now taken a prisoner in the Taiwan Starxource Plant. Taiwan is 180 miles off of Mainland China. You might ask yourself why the Elgen would want to capture the little savant girl. Well, the answer to that would be because the little girl has a formula that can fix the MEI. The MEI was a device created by the Elgen Cooperation related to the health of people. That meant that the Elgen were creating the device to know when the patient would have cancer and so they could treat it more quickly. The Elgen Cooperation was a good company but, after the director had darkened their lobby, their main focus changed to trying to dominate the entire world.

My response to the Elgen and the Electroclan would be that the Electroclan are very clever. They trust in The Voice, the resistance that helps the Electroclan fight the Elgen. But my response to the Elgen would be that they are extremely dumb and although they have high tech gadgets and technology, they are still dumb. That would be because they think that they can dominate the world. They are dumb enough to think that just because they take control of one countries’ electricity, they can rule the world??!! How dumb is that!!! Well, it may seem like I’m not really enjoying the book, but the truth is that I actually love this series and this book. That is because one of my friends recommended to me to read this series and I can totally assure you that once you are hooked, you will love this series as much as me.

I recommend this book to people who like science fiction books. That would be because mostly all about this book is science and things that may have a high possibility or chance of happening.(Although I don’t really like science). I rate this book 10/10 because it has such great imagery and paints such a great picture. It also has a fascinating ending. I would recommend people who are in the 4th to 6th grade read this book. All right, enough of this recommending! I definitely hope you read this book because it gives you a series of cliffhangers and as part of a series it takes you on a journey with words.

By: Jonathan H.

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