Maze Runner

Maze Runner

By: James Dashner

Up an elevator without knowing where you are. Memories wiped out and only know your name, Thomas. The only thing you remember. Walking out of the elevator, hearing people calling you names: Greenie, Shank, Shuck, Klank. Saying things you don’t understand: Gladers, Runners, Creators, Changing. Then, seeing the maze…

Maze Runner by James Dashner is a Science Fiction book. In this book, Thomas gets sent to this place he doesn’t know. His memories are wiped out and he doesn’t remember anything, except for his name. There are about 200 boys there, working in this maze with monsters in it. The only way to get out is to find the end of the Maze. But this challenge is impossible, because the maze changes every day with monsters, trying to kill the boys.If the boys get stung by the monsters, then the venom in the monsters will kill them. People who come back in time, go through the changing, which is very uncomfortable and makes you different and crazy when you wake up. At night, the door at the Glade closes to make sure no monsters come in. But then… one night, the doors won’t budge, it didn’t close. They hid in their dorms, but one by one, each night, someone gets eaten. They ran out of medicine to heal the people. What will Thomas and his friends do to get all of them out of here?

Thomas is a very interesting character. He has very different but similar thoughts to us. He has superpowers but keeps it secret but humble. He has a heart of try helping people and has a curious heart. For example, in the book, he hasn’t had the privilege to run in the maze, but because one of the boys are stuck out there stung by a monster, he runs out and ends up spending the night out there, facing the monsters and being the first survivor.  I think this is similar to a book I read called the Hunger Games. In this book, the main character sacrifices herself to help her sister and protect her from going to the Hunger Games. It is similar to Thomas because he sacrifices himself to spend a night out there to help one of the boys who is stung by the monster. I think it is very brave to sacrifice your life to help or save someone.

I recommend this book to people who like adventure and Science Fiction. I would also recommend this book to both boys and girls but I think maybe boys will enjoy it more because it is also more based on action. I would also recommend this book to people 5th grade and up because there is some harder vocabulary in there.

By: Claire R.

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