Keeper of the Lost Cities


Sophie discovered that she can hear things that other people can’t. Until one day she meets a boy name Filz and brings her into a completely new world. Who is he, Who am I? This is a mystery that Sophie wanted to find out.

This book is called Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. In this book, the main character Sophie knock her head on the floor when she was five. After that, she could start hearing people’s thought. This is all a mystery until she was 12. She met a boy name Fitz. He discovered that Sophie is a telepath and was “One of them” and brings her to the lost cities, which is a completely new world to the world Sophie had lived in for 12 years. Who is she? Nobody could answer her. With her friends and her “memory”, she is getting closer and closer to finding the truth. What is the relationship she had with the Black Swan? Who is the Black Swan? Why did the kidnapper want to kidnap her? Why could nobody hear her thought? What will her future be if none of this makes sense? After Sophie left her human life, Grady and Edaline adopted Sophie and let her attend Foxfire. Many things happened to her during that time and she even triggered more of her memories that the Black Swan has put it in her mind. She has to use the information from her brain and the clue Black Swan gave her to find them. Even though people especially Alden, Fitz’s father, disagree to lead Sophie into danger. So he promised that he will keep looking for more information on her identity while she just stops worrying about the Black Swan. But do you think Sophie could let this go? This is her mission, it is her responsibility! She has to go.

Sophie is very kind and always put others first before herself. She almost died because she is trying to save Dex, her best friend. Even though Sophie has a lot of catastrophes, she never gives up on finding the truth. She is also very brave and smart. Sometimes, I just wished that I was her, but sometimes not because Sophie doesn’t even know who her real parents are. And she figures it out that the Black Swan had “made” her. She is not a regular girl. She is not “normal”. This book also reminded of a book called Harry Potter. I think all of you who are reading this blog right now, read it or watch the movies or heard it before because this is so popular. It is very similar to Harry Potter because Harry Potter is filled with magic and magical creature too. They also wore robes like Sophie does. Also, they all have their mission to complete that is filled with danger and risk. It is up to Sophie to decide that if she wants to find her true self or wait ’till the end.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because this is a really interesting book. After I keep reading and reading it, I loved it. This is a thicker book so I recommended this book to upper elementary and middle school. If you love fantasy book, this is a book for you. It is a combination of different series of book and it was really fun. I hope this book blog will motivate you to check this book out!

By: Celine K.

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