Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

By: J.K.Rowling

“It was indeed as though ice was flooding his body. He put the bottle down and walked forward; he braced himself, saw the black flames licking his body, but couldn’t feel them–for a moment he could see nothing but dark fire–then he was on the other side, in the last chamber. There was already someone there–but it wasn’t Snape. It wasn’t even Voldemort.”

Have you ever heard of a sport that you fly around with a broomstick? Have you ever worn a invisibility coat and befriended a giant? Have you ever hatched a dragon egg? Have you ever had a miserable life with your aunt and uncle just because both of your parents were killed by the Dark Lord? And even worse,the Dark Lord tried to kill you but couldn’t manage to kill you and left you alone with the worst aunt and uncle ever who hates you? Then you find out that once he’s back he will try to kill you until your dead? If you are interested in finding out the answers, this book and series is perfect for you!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, also known as the Philosopher’s Stone, is the first book in Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is a boy who knows nothing because his aunt and uncle are really mean to him! He doesn’t even know that his mother and father died, killed by the Dark Lord. All he knows is that his parents were killed in a car crash, and he has a miserable life with the Dursleys, living in his tiny closet at the foot of the stairs. Then suddenly, he received a letter, and his life was changed forever! He goes to a wonderful place called Hogwarts, a wonderful place he dreamed that never existed. Hogwarts is a brilliant school were you learn to become a wizard and learn and tame magic. He finds great friends, called Hermione and Ron, who follows each other and helps each other throughout the story. There in the wizard school Hogwarts, he finds not only friends, aerial sports, and magic around every corner, but a great destiny that’s been waiting for him… If Harry Potter can survive that long, and survive that encounter, for the Dark Lord wants him killed, and is in the search for the sorcerer’s stone, hiding in his a safe place, Hogwarts! Will the Dark Lord achieve everything he wants, or will Harry Potter stop him, just in time?


I think this book is a marvelous book! It makes me predict and connect lots of things! For instance, I can connect this story to the world because in Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, Harry Potter faced lots of dangers, and the  Dark Lord is trying to hunt him down until the he kills Harry Potter. In the world, danger awaits us all the time! There is no escaping it until you truly defeated it. Even though you have defeated that trouble, more danger comes from all directions, and it won’t stop until you are dead, just like Harry Potter. I can also connect this book to myself because sometimes when you have the most miserable time, a new door opens, and you get to have a much better situation! Everytime I have great troubles, sometimes, things seem to happen, and my troubles turn to great delight! Once, when I had to stay home very bored, and could do nothing, my parents let me go to E-da Mall, and at night, I could play non-stop video games until 10:00 PM. When Harry Potter had the worst time with his aunt and uncle, a letter appears to let him go to a great school!  


Lastly, I recommend this book to people who like fantasy or adventure books. I would also recommend this book to people who have watched the Harry Potter movie because even though you have watched it, reading a book is totally different. I know because I watched all 7 movies before reading this book. It’s different because now you can see their thoughts about the story, and it makes the book more interesting. Some parts might be a little different than the movie too! Anyways, I would also recommend this book to people in 6th grade or above, or if you are used to hard level books. This whole series are hard books and have lots of words. The whole series average A.R level is 6.5. It is a great book for readers who likes mystery and surprises too! This book is sure to trick you! Fun fact. Did you know, the total word count for all 7 books is 1,084,170 words! I rate this book and this series 10/10! Well, this the end of the book blog, hope you enjoyed it and borrowed the book and enjoyed the book!


By: Ashley L.

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