Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

By: J. K. Rowling


Have you ever been chosen in for something?  Something that you’re not suppose to do?

And this thing might cost you your life.


Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, the fourth book in the Harry Potter series, is a mystery novel. In Harry’s fourth year at school, the Triwizard Tournament took place at Hogwarts. Harry has been chosen by the goblet of fire to be a champion, which means someone is behind it, planning something. In the Triwizard Tournament, the champions will suffer from danger, pain, and death. Harry is in great danger, as the youngest champion, he didn’t know as much spells as the others. Champions would get highly rewarded if they win. They will need magical powers and risk taking to get through this challenge alive, or even not. Will Harry survive? What danger is he going to meet? And how is he going to face it?

I think Harry is a very caring, courageous friend, Harry is courageous enough to take the tasks followed by the Triwizard Tournament, which involves a lot of risking. He wants his friends to survive, but he needs to win, too. Although he needed to win, he’d risk anything for his friends. Harry was also very courageous when people starts teasing him as the “fake champion”, but he didn’t really cared and faced his fears. Unlike other people, they want their lives instead of their friends, that isn’t really caring, isn’t it? Some of my friends are really caring as well, but thinking about my past, I actually was a pretty caring sibling and friend too. Harry Potter looks after his friends and does very well in things.

I would recommend this book to those who likes fantasy and adventure, although this book got nothing to do with adventure, I think some of the events in this book got a little of an adventure in it. Also, this book is recommended to those who enjoys magical things and reading.


By: Emily Wong

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