By: Tahereh Mafi

Have you ever had your relative gone for 3 years and never came back? Have you ever met someone that has no color for skin, hair, and lips? Well, Alice is a girl. When Alice was small, her father left them and went somewhere. Her father disappears only with a single ruler. A ruler, weird huh.

Well, this brings back to Alice, Spring is coming, it’s her birthday. Everyone who lives in Ferenwood has to get a “task” when they are twelve. To be able to perform in the “Surrender” where the “government” gives you the task, you need to perform some talent on the stage, because Ferenwood is a land of magic, you can also perform magical things, just like the talent show. But when Alice got the result, the whole result paper is in black, what does it mean? Does it mean Alice won’t have her own task? Last but not the least, Alice chooses to complete Oliver’s task, which is to find her father. During the trip, Oliver lies to Alice about a lot of things, will she find out? Also, Oliver got “captured” by the wolves, Alice uses her ruler to save him, but if your ruler broke, that meant you don’t have any time left in Furthermore! If you don’t have any time left, you’ll get in the jail by the elders! What does the black paper mean? Will the elders find out that Alice’s ruler broke?

This book is a fantasy novel. In my opinion, I think that Alice a very curious girl, she always ask questions, and sometimes Oliver is tired of it. She reminds me of a friend that always ask silly questions, one time I and my friends were talking about hot air balloon, she actually asks me what a hot air balloon is! Oliver is a boy who is very smart but tricky, sometimes he will lie to Alice and mock her. He reminds me when I was in my old school, the bad boys in our class is always fools around and laugh at people, and I am one of the people, it doesn’t feel good. Also, this book reminds me of me and my cousin, I live in Taiwan, but she lives in America, even though it is not alike like Alice’s situation, it still reminds me a lot.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy, even though this book is in the “fantasy” genre, I also think this book also contains mystery and adventure. This is a great book which you will find out a very surprising ending. Ask me how surprisingly, you’ll never know, I was so shocked after I read the whole book! If you tell me to rate this book, I will rate 8/10, because in the beginning, you’ll get super confused and kind of boring, but after a while, you will get straight into the awesome story!


By: Bella H.

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