By: Bruce Olson

When I got back from fishing, the gifts were gone. In their place were four long arrows stuck into the ground, point down. It was the Motilone warning. I should run for my life. But if I run now, I probably would never see them again. Months and Years would be wasted.  I got down on my knees and prayed. This book, Bruchko by Bruce Olson (Bruchko) is a fascinating story where Bruce has to trust in God the whole entire way.

In this story, Bruce decides to become a missionary and tell the gospel to the Indians. Bruce has to suffer from people turning him down, people saying he isn’t good enough, starvation, disease, threats, and people still not understanding him even after years of trying to explain the gospel to them. After a while, he meets the Motilone Indians. At first, there were some misunderstandings but soon he was accepted into the tribe. There he meets his closest friend who he also calls his brother. His name was Bobby. His real Motilone name was Bobarishora. After a long time in the Motilone tribe, finally Bobby starts to understand the gospel and it was Bobby who shared the gospel with the other Motilones in a very interesting way. He and Bruchko were brothers in Christ who risked their lives to help others. One really cool thing about this book is that it is a non-fiction book. This is really cool because some things that happen in the book don’t even seem real to actually happen to someone. This is one reason I really enjoyed this book.

Like Bruchko when he was trying to talk to the Motilone people without really knowing how they spoke, he said what he thought was “come here” but later learned it meant “Come here, you lazy, worthless people!” I can connect this with my life because here in Taiwan, my family and I sometimes make mistakes when we try to speak Chinese. For example, once my dad meant to say cookie in Chinese but ended up saying liver disease. There were also more times than just this time. But, like Bruce, my dad tried. Bruce can also be connected with a Christian’s life because Christians have to have faith in God even in the toughest times or even if they lose loved ones. Bruce also has to suffer through these things but he still trusts in God which shows that Bruce has a lot of faith which I think is very great and is why I really like about Bruce.

I would recommend Bruchko for mature, and experienced readers or readers with a bit of a wider vocabulary because there are some harder words in this book. I would also recommend this book for people who love reading non-fiction or stories about someone’s life. Lastly, I recommend Bruchko for Christians who want to hear what miraculous things happen in Bruce’s life and what things God helps him through and how God provides for him. In my own opinion, I would rate this book about 9/10 because I really enjoyed the story and each time I picked it up to read it it was very hard to put down.

By: Abby J.

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