The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew


Today, I am going to tell you about a book called, “The Magician’s Nephew”. You may think this sounds familiar, because it is! This book series comes from the movie “Narnia”, so the series name is called, “The Chronicles of Narnia”. In this book, I will evaluate the plot, character, theme, and the style.

Before I evaluate the plot in this story, I will give you a summary of what the story is like. So this is the summary of the story. Basically, two friends, Digory and Polly, are hurled into another world by rings, where an evil sorceress seeks to enslave them. But then the lion Aslan’s song weaves itself into the fabric of a new land, a land that is called Narnia. In Narnia, all things are possible. Digory and Polly have to go on a daring quest, and find a way to get home, and try to defeat the sorceress.  I think the plot in this story is pretty good, easy to understand, sometimes unpredictable, but a wonderful and adventurous story. The plot is also full of places where characters have to make choices, hard decisions, and what they do affects the whole story, which is why there even is a story and a plot development anyways. Overall, the plot is great, and full of amazing things!

Moving on to evaluate the characters. I will be evaluating the more important characters. I will evaluate Aslan the lion, Digory, Polly, and Jadis, or in other words, the witch and sorceress. The first character I will be evaluating is Digory. His is the most interesting because he is the one who made this story possible! No spoilers though! 🙂 As I was to evaluate Digory, Digory is a mix of half foolish, half smart. He made bad choices in the beginning, but made smart choices in the end. He is also stubborn but ambitious at the same time! He sticks to his choices and won’t change it, and he always wants to finish what he is going to achieve! Next, Polly is a demanding, intelligent, and self disciplined girl. She knows what’s good and bad to do sometimes, and is reluctant to make important decisions. She is sometimes independent as she can achieve some things by herself. As for her, Digory brought the sorceress into the story while Polly tried to stop him. Queen Jadis, also known as a sorceress and witch, is a very evil person, also selfish and stubborn. She does a lot of evil choices and only cares about herself in every situation. The only way she cares about others is if she wants to persuade them to do something very bad. She is probably only afraid of Aslan the lion because he has a lot of power and control over Narnia. Aslan is a very wise and strong lion. He is not a cowardly lion and is a respectful leader, for all animals, creatures, even humans respect him. He makes wise decisions and never does something stupid.

Lastly, the theme and style of the story is marvelous and stunning! First of all, the theme of the story is the conflict between the good and the evil. I think the author just wants us to know that sometimes, we should think about our actions, and try to split the difference of the good and the evil. This makes the theme very good, because not only is it the theme of the story, but the moral for us to learn is useful for our daily lives. I also think the style of the story is wonderful because it helps us to center the story and find the main idea. The focus on Polly and Digory’s thoughts help us to understand the story better and to draw us in, whether it’s to predict something, or to let us want to read even more. That’s why the theme and story is incredible.

In conclusion, I think this story is amazing, and I evaluate this story 10/10. I would recommend this to people who like to read fantasy, adventure, or for people who have watched the movie Narnia, or have interest in it. Therefore, this book is a perfect book for me so I think it will be perfect for you! Thank you for reading!

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