The Wild Robot


By: Peter Brown

“Hello, my name is Roz” Her greetings are all the same to different kind of creatures on this little island out in the ocean.

The wild robot, written by Peter Brown is a fiction book about a robot who got stranded on an island because of a storm that sent a cargo ship down to the seafloor. Which destroyed all 499 robots that were on the ship ready to serve, only Roz survived. This robot is very kind to all creatures, but due to her program of not to hurt or harm any living creature, it’s very difficult for Roz to protect herself from harmful things such as bears and pine cones falling on her.

Roz is now in serious trouble with nature (which she doesn’t notice), she can’t even get rid of the pinecones raining on her and storms that come day after day. she is stranded on an island with no one willing to help her and talk to her, even though she is so nice to the little animals, what will she do? When I read this book, it often reminds me of when I was in boy scout. There was one time when we went to the forest, we tried to build a house out of bamboo, sticks, and leaves. We also tried to make some fire, but unfortunately, it rained the day before so all the woods are wet. There was another time when we went camping, we often meet small animals who keeps eating the food we drop on the floor, a rat even manage to drag a whole toast into the woods. The whole experience matched this book, surviving, making shelters.

This is a top 5 book I like out of all those years of reading from preschool to now. I recommend this book to people who like adventure fiction. This book might be short, but every word in it is so well-picked that it grabs your attention. It’s filled with information and imagination and energy that you really want to know and keep reading. Once I start reading it, I start to focus on the story, and when I come in reality again, I realize it was three hour past.

By: Sean L.

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