The Mystery of the Third Lucretia


By: Susan Runholt

There are lots of possibilities to meet the same person twice or more by coincidence, but for Kari and Lucas, it more than a coincidence, but some gallery mysteries waiting for them to get into.

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia is a mystery novel written by Susan Runholt. Since the book is designed that almost every chapter can be the “beginning”, so it’s like a puzzle that you need to put together when you read the book. The BFFs, Kari Sundgeon and Lucas Stirkney went on a vacation to London with Kari’s mother, who’s a journalist. During the vacation, Kari and Lucas went and visit an art gallery, but a secret appeared in front of them by Lucas’s photographic memory. They saw the same man that really stick out to them at the art gallery one year ago. The two girls saw the man who seems like he was copying something down from one of the Rembrandt paintings. They went over and tried to see what he was drawing, but the man told them to go away, but with a weird accent, “go a-way”. When the girls met that man again in London’s art gallery, they figure out something wasn’t right. Days past, and more and more things happened all of a sudden, Kari and Lucas have to find a way to solve this mystery.

It really connects with me how there are coincidences that happen to people and changed their life. Many years ago, I went to a hotel with my family, but during the check-in, I saw a classmate from my school walking in from the main lobby door and also going to check-in. After the coincidence, me and that “classmate” became best friends, which obviously influenced my life, since we basically do many things together.

I think this book is a very interesting book, but sometimes you might need to use some brain during the story to fully understand what the author wants to tell you about. I recommend this book to those who love mystery genre books (like me). There are many interesting things and things you didn’t expect going throughout the book. Overall, I really enjoy the book and how the author planned the structure of the book out to make it more interesting and more enjoyable.

By: Rachel H.

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