The girl who wasn’t there


By: Karen McCombie

One ordinary time of moving… turns into a mystery adventure. The girl who wasn’t there is a book full of humor and mystery wrote by Karen McCombie. Moving into a new town wasn’t easy for anyone, it wasn’t simple for Maisie neither. Not at all. What would be the worst situation in this book for Maisie?

After the death of her mother, Maisie moved into the new town with her big sister Clem and her Dad. Their house is just 75 steps away from her new school, Nightingale Elementary school. Maisie had no friends until she met Kat, a girl that no one seems to notice as if she was never there. They always had lots of fun together as best friends. Until one day, Maisie saw a girl touching the walls, wearing a white dress, looking straight at her. She was terrified and have seen the girl several times afterwards. Throughout the story, Maisie found a series of clues about the suspicious girl.

One thing I really love about Maisie is that she always has positive views about people. She is always nice in a any situation. For example,  she still tries to be polite to the girls that were treating her harshly in class. She is also very curious about things she doesn’t know about. I can really relate that to myself, sometimes when I don’t know what my friends are making a fuss about. I kept on asking them and try to figure out what they were all chattering about. She is also very calm. She finds out several insane things in this book people can’t really accept right away. But after thinking for a while, she talks calmly to others again.

Who would like this book? This is an answer for you! I first thought this would be a scary book, but it turned out to be the opposite! It was humorous and sweet. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a book that has both humor and mystery in it. Also, I think that  girls would more likely be drawn by this book. It is mainly about sweet friendship and getting along with others. It is a 5th and 6th grade leveled book. This book wasn’t that hard and it wasn’t that easy either. It contains some juicy words and it makes it just right.

By: Emily L.

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