Survivors: The Empty City

By: Erin Hunter

“Then, just as suddenly as the monster had come, it disappeared. One more wall crashed down in a cloud of choking dust. Torn wire screeched as a high cage toppled, then plummeted to the earth. There was only silence and dank metal scent. Blood! thought Lucky. Death…”

Have you ever imagined what life would be like when you don’t have enough food to eat and water to drink? Or when you don’t have a home or shelter to live in? It would be terrifying if this happened to you! This book talks almost exactly about those problems, with a dog named Lucky, and with lots of different dog packs. If you like dogs, fantasy and adventure novels, this is the right book for you. It will totally blow your mind! This book talks about how Lucky’s life changed completely after the Big Growl striked.

The Empty City is a fantasy and adventure novel written by Erin Hunter. It’s full of  wild adventures and dangers. In this story, Lucky is a Lone Dog, and a city dog, whose life changed after the Big Growl striked. After it struck in the city and in the wild, he finds it harder and harder to get food, and survival is a humongous problem to him. Since survival is the biggest problem for all dogs, he goes to join a Pack. In the Leashed Dog Pack, there are Bella, Mickey, Alfie, Sunshine, Daisy, Bruno, and Martha.They all put their weight in so that they may survive in the wild. Lucky is not sure if he is ready for it, and doesn’t like to rely on other dogs-or have them depend on him. But in this new world full of danger and starvation, he man not have a choice, and can only do what he must to survive. So will they survive around the harsh environment? Or will they die because of the Big Growl and starvation?

This story reminds me of how there are a lot of earthquakes around the world. One is the 921 big earthquake. Many had to face the fact of starving to death, and some are trapped without food or water, and without help. Other people’s life transformed a lot, ruled by fear, if there might be another one just like that. Mostly everyone had to face great changes. It also reminds me of how lots of people like refugees are homeless, and always starving. They are also without shelter, sometimes drink unclean water, are sick, and don’t have any help. Their chances of survival are low. Like really low. Besides all this, I think Lucky is a great dog. He does what is right, and follows his own heart no matter what. He is loyal to his friends, and even risks his life to save them. He is a sweet, gentle, loyal, wise, kind, and most of all, a very intelligent, easy-going, cunning dog.

I think this book is fascinating! If someone asked me to rate this book, I would probably rate it 9.5/10. I rate it this well because it really talks about things that interests me, and things that are very adventurous. For example, I like the part when the Leashed Dog Pack are in the Dog Garden, and the Fierce Dogs try to kill them for trespassing. Then Lucky comes barging in out of nowhere! It’s makes me so engaged and I will be excited to see what will happen next. Therefore, I recommend this book for grades 5 and up, and to people who like fantasy and adventure books. Also to people who are into nature or the wild. Lastly I would recommend this book to all dog lovers! Enjoy!


By: Ashley L.

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