Spy School Secret Service

          Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be an adult spy? Or the excitement of being only an elementary spy. Well, this book will tell you more than just these things. It will tell you about the life of a teenage boy on a mission to capture enemies and potentially save important people.

This book is about a teenage spy called Benjamin Ripley. He has been pulled away from spy school and sent to the white house to find a mole that may be trying to kill the president. But there is only one problem. He and the spy team have absolutely no information on who the mole might be. This is also one of his hardest missions because this is his first time going on a mission without Erica, a legacy and the best agent in spy school. After going for the first day, he finds the mission even more difficult because he’s going in as a friend of the president’s son, Jason, but Jason is making no effort at all to cooperate with Ben. And on the second day, things get even worse. To name a few, there was a bomb that blew up in his jacket, most of spy school thinks that he’s a double agent, one of his enemies escapes from jail, one of his most trusted classmates is a double agent, one of the best spies in America is hunting him down as a personal thing, Erica is also hunting him down as a personal thing. And to make it worse, they’re sent to the Pentagon to be tortured. When his friends are also sent there to him, Erica tells him there is a 50% chance that they’re either going to win or die. There are only two ways they’re going to make it out alive. Skills or pure luck.


I can relate to this because when I sometimes go to the principal’s office, he’s either going to question about someone else getting in trouble, or I got in trouble. Or when two countries are at the edge of starting a war, and you send a spy. The enemy is either going to find out where the spy is from and then declare war, or the spy successfully comes back with knowledge capable of obliterating your enemy.

I recommend this book for kids at the age of 12-13 that likes action. Or people who like James Bond.

By: Michael T.

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