Serafina and the Twisted Staff

By: Robert Beatty

Serafina and the Twisted Staff is in the fantasy genre. In this book, Serafina and her friend have to destroy this terrible darkness that they thought they destroyed once before. They will have to go through scratches, fighting, and lots more terrible things. I think that this book is really exciting and I hope you do too.

Serafina and her Braeden Vanderbilt (her friend) are facing a terrible darkness that may completely destroy their home and bring darkness to the forests of Biltmore. In Biltmore, it seems magic when animals turn against humans and other things. (Biltmore is a very grand home/castle, which is a real place and is still standing today.) The time in this book is around Christmas, so many many many friends, relatives, and important people are showing up to meet the Vanderbilts (who own Biltmore.) When one special guest arrives, weird things start to happen, animals start acting weird, and many more things happen. Serafina gets help from a friend catamount and her mom, and figure out secrets about her dad. I hope Serafina will destroy this darkness but, will Serafina and Braeden defeat the darkness or will it last forever?

Serafina holds a lot of responsibility, power, and everyone’s lives in her hands, but does she know what to do with it all? Serafina is very kind and mostly thinks about other’s lives first, then her own. I think/hope that there are people out in the world that would help others even if it meant that they got dirty or scratched. She would also die to save others like Braeden, The Vanderbilts and animals if it saved them. Serafina is also very gentle with other animals and especially with her half-brother and half-sister. In the first book, Serafina is also willing to help others and put them first.

I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in fantasy and/or suspense. I would recommend this book to whoever can read it/ whoever likes chapter books. Also make sure you read the first book called: Serafina and the black cloak. I hope you read this book and enjoy it.

By: Meg G.

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