Return to the Isle of the Lost

By: Melissa de la Cruz

“Help! There’s a dragon!” Villagers scream as the purple dragon came by, could the purple dragon be Maleficent? Or is Maleficent still a lizard in the library? This leads us to where Maleficent is…  

One day, the four villain teenager, Mal, daughter of Maleficent, Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, Jay, son of Jafar, and Carlos, son of Cruella de vil that lives in Aurandon, got a message that says to return to their home, Isle of the lost by Saturday. In Camelot Heights, there is a purple dragon that is destroying the city. Then, there is another purple cobra in Cinderellasburg, who is eating the farmer’s egg. While King Ben is researching with his team, the four villain teenager went to the Isle of the lost. On their trip, Mal met her old friend, Mad Maddy, who tells them that the island now considers Mal the new leader as she beat her mother. Later, the teenagers went to a group that is call anti-hero club. In there, the leader, which is one of Carlos’s professor told them that Aurandon is causing earthquake because of their parents! They need to get their evil talismans before their parents get it to destroy Aurandon, can they make it, or did they get trap in the talismans? Is the creatures Maleficent, is she still a lizard in the library or is she getting the talisman?

Mal is a character that is clever and has confident on herself, she also leads the group away from danger and decisions.This book reminds me of the movie and watch years ago, which is the Descendants Movie, but not the same story, though. Also, this books reminds me of the story of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, which is a famous movie and story in Disney.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure with a little mix of mystery. People who know those villains will probably want to know their child’s story.  I like Disney Descendants a lot after I read this book, I also went watching the movie of Descendants 1 and 2, and others stories of them, check them out!

By: Bella H.

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