By: Suzanne Collins

Have you ever felt lonely because you think that you are a misfortune to everyone around you? People around you feel the same too! Just by imagining that when you finally came home from a far place, and see it getting bombed. EVERYTHING! And the reason it’s bombed is you. If you are one of those discouraged readers, this is the perfect book for you.

In MockingJay, it’s people rebelling against the Capitol. All the districts, except for district 2, are rebels for no Hunger Games and no President. The Capitol had already been very annoyed by Katniss and everything she’s done. After Katniss annoyed the Capitol, Capitol decided to bomb Katniss’ hometown, district 12. After knowing that everything Peeta had left is Katniss, she had to go with him. But after the explosion, the Capitol even took Peeta and made him remember the only bad things about Katniss. Katniss had to fight, fight for Peeta, fight for no Hunger Games. Will Gale, Katniss’ close friend help even if Peeta is someone that Gale hated? Will Katniss and Peeta make it out alive? Or will President Snow conquer all the districts?

Katniss is someone who is stubborn. Even knowing that if she does it, everything is messed up, she still does it. In the previous books of Hunger Games, she almost shot a judge when she is expressing anger, frustration. But this stubborn heart can also be good sometimes, she took her sister’s place in the Hunger Games on the day she’s chosen, and that eventually saved her sister. Sometimes it’s also very bad, she was too rebellious that the Capitol got nothing to do but to bomb her hometown.

This book reminded me of when I almost killed my brother by accident. Everyone blamed on me even though he bumped into me. So I feel like I am a misfortune to my brother and my parents. I felt so guilty at times, but everyone forgives me. But till the one day I found out that something couldn’t be forgiven, I had to be very careful, not to be free. Also in The Best School Year Ever, the bully blamed on the nerdy kids whenever he did something wrong.

I would recommend this book to whoever is into adventures, or people who’re interested in fighting and rebels. Whoever is discouraged by their stubbornness, you should know that after every stubborn struggle, the stubborn people might get goods. Everyone in the same situation shouldn’t be sad, refresh your mind and you’ll find out that you can somehow be right!

By: Emily W.

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