Michael Vey- The Final Spark

Michael Vey: The Final Spark

By: Richard Paul Evans

In the last book of Michael Vey, written by Richard Paul Evans, it was a tragedy to see Michael commit suicide in order to save the world and his friends from the evil Elgen Cooperation. But Michael was a mistake gone wrong and was made by the Elgen MEI, which meant that Michael had the ability to pulse lightning and also to shock people. If you had seen the last book, it may have been a tragedy for you and Michael’s friends, like I said that Michael has gone missing or considered dead to his friends. But in this episode,  there may be a possibility that Michael is still alive…

The story of Michael Vey and the Final Spark mainly takes place on an island called Fiji. The Admiral of the Elgen Cooperation, James Hatch had conquered the island and turned it into a maximum prisoner base for the Tuvaluan people. The main characters in the story would be the entire Electroclan(Michael’s friends who also have the ability to shock people) and also David Welch, who is a former EGG of the Elgen Cooperation. The book begins with an unusual twist when the Electroclan drowns Captain J.D, a boat captain that betrayed the Electroclan and sold them out to Hatch for money to buy drugs.

I personally think that helping our planet Earth is a very helpful thing. But Admiral Hatch might view that point in a different way. For example, he might think that the Elgen Cooperation alone should run the planet. I think that he shouldn’t forget that God created this planet for a reason, he still should remember that the Elgen Cooperation didn’t create the planet. This book draws attention to me because it has a hook that captures my imagination. If you are someone that easily gets attracted to a certain series of books, I can guarantee you that this will be a kind of series that you would want to just read on and on.

If you are the kind of reader that finds novels in a series appealing then I can promise this whole series will stick with you. This is only one novel in a series but it is an adventure in reading. After I had read this book I wanted to read it a second time. I can guarantee you that you may want to read the whole entire Michael Vey series. I recommend this book for 4th grade and above because there may be some content that would be too graphic for them to read about.

By: Jonathan H.

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