Hunger Games

By: Suzanne Collins

The hand of Effie Trinket reached into the jar. Everyone froze. “ Primrose Everdeen,” she said aloud. Whispers surrounded the court. I froze. The thought of the name reached into my mind and my heart shattered. I screamed “ Prim! Prim! Come back.” But she was taken.

Every year, the capitol holds an event called the hunger games. This is where 2 tributes, a male, and female between the ages of  12 – 18 are chosen from each district to fight to their death for victory. This is a day whom people dread. Everyone surrounds the court and wait till the capitol to reveal the 2 tributes this year. Effie trinket reaches into the jar where people participating names hold. “ The first tribute this year is …… Primrose Everdeen!” They took Primrose up the stage. “ Our second tribute is Peeta Mellark!” Katniss Everdeen couldn’t bear to see my sister die on the court. Katniss is a 14-year-old girl who is strong and brave. Prim is just twelve years old and everyone knows she won’t survive. “ I volunteer ” Katniss screams. It has been years since the Hunger Games have had a volunteer, but Katniss is willing to sacrifice for her sister and has made up her mind to fight in the hunger games.

I think Katniss is a girl who is courageous because she is willing to take her sister’s place and will fight to her death even though she’s scared.Also, I think she is a smart girl too because she has strategies during the game and knows what to do even when the situation seems hopeless.I think this book has a connection to the book I read after The Hunger Games. The book is The Keeper Of the Lost Cities. The two main characters have similarities. For example, they are both in an urgent situation. They both sacrifice the things they love most and prepare for the next level in their life.

I recommend this book to people who love adventure and also like intense and exciting books. This book gets you all excited and makes you want to read on. I actually read 2 hours of this book non-stop. So I would rate this book 5 out of 5. Also, this book is suitable for both boys and girls I wouldn’t recommend this book to 5th graders because it could be a bit tough, so I think the right age for this book is 6th grade and up.

By: Claire R.

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