Fall of Hades

Imagine if you had the powers that you never dreamt of, how would you control it and if every day it got stronger and stronger. Would you use it for good or for your own needs?

This exciting book is a fantasy/adventure book that makes me read it and now wants to stop. In this book, Michael Vey and his friends are in for a ride after they discover hatch’s island where they are planning to kill and capture the kids in the world with powers. The place Hades is an island where hatch and his crew (Elgen) build up their plan and mischievous plans. Will Michael be able to use his powers to end Elgen? In this book of surprises, Michael has to face dealing with his powers his friends and most of all hatch. He needs to learn how to control and use his powers to end Elgen. He and his friends use their powers and risk their lives for the people they love.Through this emotional rollercoaster, they learn to love, lose, and gain the people in their lives.

Michael is a confident and a brave person that will do anything and will risk his life to do good and to help people he loves. Michael like me is learning to have control of something. For him is his powers for me is like to not be so chatty. Although they are two different things there is a life lesson in this book see if you can find it. This book relates to the world because there is a lot of corruption going on and the bad guys (Elgen)is like terrorists murderers and all the bad people. Michael and his friends are like the people trying to solve these world problems. After I read this book I couldn’t wait for the seventh book to come out in the summer because in this book at the end Michael reached his full potential so I was craving for what the seventh book had to offer

This book to me is the best series that I have ever read honestly I really enjoyed the plot and how the author put everything together nicely recommend this book to people who enjoy plot twists a tad bit of fiction and adventure. This series shows the true potential of a character and Richard Evans really pushes the thought of exceeding your own standards so this book is also for people who like to.

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