Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror

By: Jennifer Finney Boylan

How would you react if someone told you that you were a monster? This is exactly what happened to 7th Grader Falcon Quinn, who was on an ordinary day to school in Maine. But then the bus takes another route instead of the regular one. When they appear in Shadow Island, he remembers the words Mrs. Redflint said to him, and ever since he’s been trying to find out what he is. “You’re a monster. All the children here are monsters. This is the academy for monsters.”

Thirteen-year-old Falcon Quinn boards bus number 13 on an ordinary day with his two friends Max Parsons and Megan Crofton, but soon they then found themselves in a strange place: Shadow Island, at the Academy for monsters. Mrs. Redflint, a staff there explained to them that they were all monsters, and after a test, they found out Max was a sasquatch, and Megan was a wind elemental. But they still don’t know, however, what Falcon was. Monster Academy was home to monsters of all kinds, and his friends soon find themselves activating, enjoying their monster natures, and making new friends. Even still, Falcon still finds himself feeling left out, with his one bright blue eye to his other shadow black eye, and when he and his friends find out that the school’s mission is to hide the young monsters’ natures from the world, Falcon and his friends need to find a way to fight back for their monster natures… or go back to the human world and live a miserable life. Dangerous new lands, a daring journey, only a miracle will let them survive.

Falcon is troubled by the fact that he doesn’t fall into any category, from the Sasquatches to the zombies, to the Frankensteins and also the elementals. This reminds me of when I get teased and laughed at sometimes at school, and also when my friends are talking about things that I don’t know, which all makes me feel left out, and I can also connect this book with everyday life because every day around the world kids get bullied and people are alone.  He is also brave in my eyes, escaping Shadow Island on a boat and winding up in the guardians Island where Peeler and Woody, Max’s new Sasquatch friends, get turned into stars, and Max himself and Pearl get turned into music on a sheet of paper. Performing a daring mission back to the Academy, Falcon saves his two friends and completes his mission. I can also connect this book with the next book of this series, Falcon Quinn and the Crimson vapor, which shows falcon getting betrayed by his own monster kinds because they were deceived, and he was alone, an outcast with some of the others.


I really liked Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, and rate it a 9½ out of ten. This book is recommended to readers who love fantasy novels, and I would also recommend this book to people who stick with the book to the end and like to try new things, because what caught me the most was the mystery of what type of monster Falcon would turn up to be. This book is also recommended for both boys and girls. Anyways, good luck readers, and see you next time!

By: Aaron L.


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