DORK Diaries~ Dear Dork

Dork Diaries, Dear Dork

By: Rachel Renee Russell

“Oh no, if I don’t stop Mackenzie, then we will all get kick out of the school!” Nikki exclaimed. This is a book that will bring you to life. It’s full of happiness, joy, laughter… This book is very entertaining and suitable for everyone to read even you are not a good reader! Follow Nikki into this book of adventure!

Nikki Maxwell is in a big trouble after she and her 2 BFF, Chloe and Zoey toilet paper Mackenzie’s house for a big payback. Mackenzie is going to get them kick out of the school and getting Branden (a.k.a Nikki’s crush) in trouble. To stop her from spreading rumors about Brandon (who she think has a crush on her, but she’s wrong) and Nikki, Zoey and Chloe for toilet papering her house, she joins the newspaper club and ends up getting the job of the advice column. Nikki thought she will get a lot of letters immediately but she is wrong. Now, she has to handle her “Miss Know It All” Advice column and to stop Mackenzie before she kicks them out of school and get Brandon in trouble. Also, to take care of her little sister, Brianna. Can she handle it all? To stop Mackenzie with her evil plan, get success at her Advice column, or to give up on all?

Sometimes, I have a hard time at school with my friends and teachers. Sometimes, I also have a hard time at my house too, with my mom and my dad, and mostly, my sister. In the story, Nikki have a really hard time at school with Mackenzie and at home, she had a hard time dealing with her sister. (Like I do…) But sometimes, I will be jealous at Nikki because she has 2 really close BFF. But I think Nikki have her own trouble too. Taking care of Mackenzie’s trouble and her family, it’s tiring, I know. Nikki is a person that people would like to be friends with or get close to because she is fun, have a sense of humor, kind, and mostly, comfortable to be with. If I get to choose who I want to be with, I would choose Nikki. Unlike Mackenzie, I like Nikki more.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because I really enjoy this book and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Dork Diaries is a big series so if you like it, you could keep reading on and on. This book is suitable for any age. Saying the truth, the adult may enjoy this book too! I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading journal book or school stories that contain humor. Hope you guys enjoy this book like I do!

By: Celine K.

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