By: Veronica Roth

Have you ever have to make a choice, that will influence your life? Or your peers and friends are against you? If this is you, then you are like Tris, and you will like divergent.

In the beginning of the book, Tris had to make an important choice that will influence her life after on. She was first in the faction of abnegation, who was selfless, help people and care about others first. Amazingly! She chose Dauntless, who was selfish, protecting the country, using guns, fighting, and using violence. Throughout the story, Tris has been in many fights, simulation, target practice etc. Tris slowly moved from a “nobody” to the top of the training rank, but because she was on the top, peers of hers started to threaten her. But that is not what it is the main conflict. While they are still training, there is an evil force rising up, which nobody knows… will she defeat the force and save the country?

Tris won’t easily give up. For example, when they are training, Tris is at the bottom of the ranking, but after all the hard work she had done, including simulation, target practice, fighting etc. She had become the top of the rankings. So this teaches us, if you don’t give up, and just push yourself, you can make it to your goals, or even better. Like when I’m running the mile, I’m usually finished at 10 minutes, but when I push myself, I finished at 9 minutes.

I recommend this book to people who like adventure, violence, and a little bit of romance. This is a great book for a “connective” reader, who can connect to self, world, and text; Which you can find many things to connect with.

If I had to rate this book, I will rate it 9/10. It was a great book, when you read it you will be like riding a rollercoaster, this is why I recommended to you.

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