Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Double Down)

By: Jeff Kinney

Do you have an insane relationship and it is always vociferous if yes then this book is a perfect book for you and because it will bring on the same adventure this book is also a good book because I think this is funny and it will make you keep on reading

In this book, there is one family that is the Heffley family, and the main character is the middle son, Gregory Heffley.So this story is about a family going on a trip, and the author is describing the down’s and the up’s part like when the start his family is going to a restaurant, and it is very disgusting and old.And a good part of their trip is that he survived on a car stunt and did not die so that is one good part and another good part is that when his brother is very helpful to him of the trip, and that is also one-ups.Or you can check out the others book by the same author Jeff Kinney.

What I think of this book is that this book is kind of like my family because my brother and I sometimes fight because of some small things like what they do in the book.Also in the book, it talks about that the little brother was angry at his brother because of a small something like losing in a game and gets mad at his brother, and why do I want to share this part because this happens to me once and so that is why I want to share this piece.

Why I suggest this book because it is a fun book to look at and it will maybe know more about the book, and perhaps you will like me have kind of the same family as them.And also why I want to suggest this book is because this book lets me learn that, be kind to your brother is right because your brothers love you and care about you or maybe sometimes they guard you, so that is also what I learn about this book.

By: Howard.L

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