By: Marissa Meyer

Do you know what is a cyborg? You probably haven’t met a cyborg before. What about a Lunar? Heard that before? Me neither, until I read this book…

The book Cinder is a young adult science fiction novel. This novel is based on the story Cinderella, so that is why the setting may be a little familiar. Living in New Beijing, China, Cinder is a mechanic and a cyborg. Her left leg was made out of metal and wires. A large part of her –you could say–was a machine. She had a cruel stepmother and two step sisters. Prince Kai was the son of the king, and every girl in the city would want him. One day, when her stepsister Peony, goes to the junkyard with Cinder, Peony gets a plague called letumosis. Because her stepmother thinks that Cinder brought the plague, she was so furious that she signed her up for the plague research. At this place, she will get injected with letumosis and they will test out the new “antidote” if she would survive. A lot of cyborgs had done this, and none of them survived. She knows for sure that she will die. But will she be the first to survive? Is there anything special about her? She seems like an ordinary cyborg teenage girl, what are the odds of her surviving? Will her life be intertwined with Prince Kai’s?

Cinder is a very likable character, as she is nice to Peony, and to her android friend, Iko. I think she is quite smart. She can fix things that I can’t fix! She has a natural talent for fixing things like electronics and engines. I think Cinder and I have a bit of the same experience because when Cinder found out that her dear friend, Iko the android was torn to pieces and laying in a pile. She was crying when she saw that. Once, I dearly loved a shirt, and one night, I saw it lay crumpled just below the staircases to the basement, and I was so sad! My parents had thought it looked too old, and decided to throw it away. Just like Cinder, we never got to get them back ever again. I think this book was like one of the movies I watched before. In the movie, the main characters tried to save their loved ones from a sickness. Cinder tried to save Peony from letumosis, the plague.

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys the story Cinderella, because it really makes you think about how they are related and how they are different. I would even suggest this book to people who likes a book in a series. I would rate this book a 9/10 because you don’t find the happy ending. It seems to go on. Well, that’s what series are for!

By: Amy T

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  1. makgrade6 says:

    i might just read this book

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