Dragging himself through the jungle, Bruce Olson peered around for any sign of civilization. None. His eyes looked empty and cold, and felt like a windshield deprived of some cleaning. “Help, me God,” he pleaded in a whisper, pain swimming through every part of his body. All of this suffering to be a missionary without much success, only pain. But it was worth it just to have hope of changing hearts.

Bruchko is an amazing book, and a true story. The author, Bruce Olson, tells his experience in first person view. He leaves home around the age of a high school graduate to do mission work overseas with Indian tribes. As he does this without a mission organization, Bruce is all on his own. Some friendly tribes were willing to take him in after they quickly found out he could be trusted. Learning new languages alone without a teacher was hard enough, and introducing Jesus was even harder. Bruce goes to the Motilone tribe, which is known to be harsh and violent around other tribes, and especially harsh around foreigners. However, God stayed with Bruce through the journey, and the Motilones grew to like him. He was named “Bruchko” as a Motilone form of his English name. He wishes for the Motilones to have more love and care for each other. And maybe he’ll even be able to evangelize some of them…his main task of all.

Bruce is brave and defiant. He stays loyal to God and doesn’t give up easily. None of us can relate to the hardships he’s been through. Though it reminds me of times when things weren’t the best, and I prayed and God helped me just like he helped Bruce. This story can connect to the world too, because it was a true story. Something like this could happen in the world if a foreigner visited an Indian Tribe, and they could be treated in similar ways. Like real experiences, there are books where people are in the jungle, but I’ve never seen one with the character’s faith like this.

I recommend this book for anyone interested in a wild story. Bruce’s experience was a great adventure, and knowing it’s a true story makes it even better. I enjoyed this book so much. I strongly recommend it, and really hope that you will read it and stick with Bruce Olson until the very end.


Alison K.

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