Beyonders a World Without Heroes

The first syllable out of six to the word that will defeat the evil king Maldor and make peace throughout Lyrian is “a”. This knowledge now marks you for execution.

Jason Walker has an ordinary life until he gets swallowed up into a whole new world called Lyrian. At first, he just wants to get home as soon as possible, but soon he realizes that he was called here for a reason. When curiosity allows him to find out a syllable of a word, banned from their world because it could destroy Maldor, the evil tyrant of all of Lyrian, He nominated himself to destroy Maldor. Now that Jason is endangered of dying from Maldor’s hands, he makes enemies and allies and does his best to find out the word and use it to defeat Maldor forever!

Jason just wants what’s best for people. His strength is about the average 7th grader and the same with his running capabilities. Rachel, on the other hand, is a friend that Jason meets at a palace and soon becomes an ally. She trains for running activities and can keep up any pace Jason sets. The story has lots of similarities to earth, but seeing as it’s in a different world than us it also has a lot of differences. There’s the same language, same food, same certain personalities…

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes humor and fantasy all in one. It’s also the first in a series of three so if you liked the first then you can always get the next in line. Something happens at the end of the book that makes you want to read the next.The characters are likable and it doesn’t get boring at most of the time. I’d give this book a ⅘.  

“An irresistible mix of adventure, humor, and magic.” -Rick Riordan

-Hayden Brandt

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